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Zeta System


At Zeta English Academy, we take a strategic approach to learning, offering diverse educational experiences and providing in-depth training. This ensures a dynamic and effective learning journey, equipping students with the skills and knowledge for future success. Our academy focuses on English language learning, English education, effective learning strategies, language skills development, and student success.








Zeta English Academy’s Reading Lab, students read English original books, awakening their enjoyment of reading. They discuss the content they’ve read with their Reading Lab teacher in English.

Here are some of the key activities at the Reading Lab:

  1. English Reading: Students read books appropriate for their level.

  2. Vocabulary Exploration and Meaning Understanding: They find unfamiliar words within the book and practice understanding their meanings within the context.

  3. Creating Outlines and Summaries: Students summarize what they’ve read, following the structure of the introduction, body, and conclusion. They also receive feedback from their teacher.

  4. Presentations: In 1:1 coaching sessions with the Reading Lab teacher, students express their understanding of the content in English and organize their thoughts.


Zeta English Academy’s Grammar Course offers a comprehensive program that spans different proficiency levels:

  1. Basic Foundation: This level focuses on understanding parts of speech grammar.

  2. Intermediate: Here, students delve into syntax and sentence structure.

  3. Advanced: The advanced level enhances reading comprehension skills.

Key Features:

  • Metacognitive Questioning: Students engage in thoughtful questioning to deepen their understanding.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From foundational concepts to college entrance exam-level texts, the course covers it all.

  • Effective Exam Preparation: Students develop strong grammar skills, ensuring success in assessments.


Zeta English Academy’s Reading and Discussion Course centers around enhancing English reading comprehension skills. The course structure includes three core elements:

  1. Reading Books: Students engage with various genres of literature, guided by native-speaking teachers.

  2. Interactive Classroom Activities: Through discussions and interactive exercises, students explore implicit meanings within texts.

  3. Expression: Students learn to articulate their insights effectively.

As students’ reading experiences diversify and deepen, their perspectives expand, enriching their overall worldview.

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