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Zeta believes that one should learn English in a versatile way.
Every student in Zeta joins the 3 programs of our Regular classes,  Discussion, Grammar and Lab program. 
Students who are ready to challenge for more can
also join our writing and advanced debate classes as well. 

The discussion class is a transitional space where members can review lab work and get instruction on spoken and written communication skills.


The structure class is a place where members can learn the logic of English composition, practice grammar skills, and learn new grammar skills.


The lab is a place where members can work on projects, practice skills, and communicate with friends.

Regular Classes

Advanced Debate

Extra Classes

The Zeta Writing Program is a capstone course. This program can best be described as transformational. Through writing we are able to help the student connect with English in a way that they are not just learning English, but using it natively.

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