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제타영어학원와 함께 영어 학습 여정을 시작하세요!

Jump start your English learning journey with Zeta English Academy!

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about Zeta English Academy! 


4 years' experience in the Discussion Class
& Currently Zeta's Reading Lab teacher 


Zeta's Discussion class is
all about versatile and challenging activities. These early experiences surely helped me connect with various
people and reach my goals.  


4 years' experience in the Writing Class

 Unlike other academies, the active environment encouraging the students to constantly communicate in class is one of the biggest strength of Zeta Program. 


5 years' experience in the Discussion/Writing Class

Brent's discussion class is agile and always open to diverse activities in English.

From my teacher, Brent, I learned how to communicate and think intuitively

in English through my daily life. 

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